In 2020, 42% of industry expenditures was composed by energy costs.

In the household, 33% of a family's budget is allocated to electricity, gas and fuel.

Real-time precise sensors are key to understand and monitor the energy consumption.

Avoid the most expensive time periods and remote control equipment usage.

Focused on water, gas and electricity monitoring, all real-time data is sent to the online platform.

Presented in a clean and intuitive manner, it's the best way to visualize consumption data, understand trends and patterns and set automatic rules to optimize their efficiency.

In order to take the most out of the desktop platforms, our equipment is developed and manufactured in-house.

That integration between hardware and software allows us to be autonomous when it comes to exploring new areas of innovation.

Smart Energy applied to a Portuguese fruit processing factory

This case study focuses on analysing and understanding how, when and where the energy consumption takes place.

There are two periods of consumption peak between 04:00 and 05:00h, inside the most inexpensive time-zone. That represents around €4260 / year.

There are two periods of consumption peak between 16:00 and 17:00h, inside the elevated fare time-zone. That represents around €7300 / year.

The 24/7 usage method could be downscaled to a 07 to 19h period and the production would not suffer a significant hit.

For this report, carried in 2019, three different types of equipment were sensorized and monitored: refrigeration compressors, a storage sector distribution panel and size-based fruit selector equipment.